If you’re not sure how to remove or delete your Mercari account, we are here to assist you. The Mercari is an online marketplace that brings consumers and sellers from all around the globe together. Although the app has been available for a few years, there have been some issues regarding how the corporation manages personal data.

The procedure for deleting your mercari account is rather straightforward. 

delete mercari account online

Using Facebook or Email:

Log in using your Facebook credentials or your email address, then go to the “My Account” tab. You may then select “Delete Account,” which will take you through a number of confirmation procedures before removing your account completely. You must first cancel all transactions in your account and erase any listing items you have listed on your account before you can deactivate your Mercari account. You can also then re-register using your old credentials.

Direct Login:

To remove your Mercari account, log in using your username and password. Then, on the main page, pick “My Page.” Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu, then “Delete Account.” Your account will be removed from the system as a result of this action. Before you delete your Mercari account, make sure there are no outstanding sales or dues in your account. You’re ready to go on after you’ve accomplished these steps.

Delete Via Application:

Go to your profile > Settings > Edit Account. Then click on “Delete Account” and fill out the form to remove yourself from the app’s user database. Your account will be deactivated as soon as we get your request.

The following is a reminder:

  • Your account will not be deleted if you have any goods displayed, unfinished direct deposits, or pending orders. 
  • Before filing a deletion request, ensure that all listings and transactions have been deleted.
  • Before filing a request for deletion, be sure to obtain a direct payment of any leftover amount.
  • At the moment of deletion, you will lose any outstanding amount or Mercari Credits.

Requesting the Team:

After you’ve decided to remove your Mercari account, you’ll need to make an email request. Within two business days, Mercari will analyze your request and notify you. Please note that if you don’t have an Android smartphone, you can only make an email request. You will no longer be able to use your account after it has been deactivated. You may also write an email to the appropriate support team, explaining why you want to delete your account.

Mercari will examine your email request once you submit it. You will get an email within two days if your application has been accepted. You may also send a message to the firm through the website if you use the Mercari app. You should indicate in the email that you want to delete your account. You’ll have to make payment, handle any outstanding orders, and remove any things you’ve posted on your e-commerce site throughout the process.  In the subject line of your message, be sure to mention your Username, email address or any other details.

Re-register on Mercari:

If you’ve mistakenly erased your Mercari account, you may request recovery by emailing Mercari customer service. If you’re using Mercari on your phone, make sure you enter in Mercari.Com as the topic. If you have numerous accounts, you may also send the same query from your mobile. 

Another way is, If you already deactivated your Mercari identity but wish to reactivate it, just log in using your old credentials and it may work most of the time.

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