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TechSaaz - how to make your instagram private

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

Instagram is way more private and the user's privacy-oriented than Facebook. You can make your Instagram account private so that only the people you approved can see your posts...
how to set up google home mini

How to Set Up Google Home, Mini and Max: Complete Guide

Do you love the ads of Google home mini, hub up, or assistants like that? Do that ads fascinate you, how they control the whole house...
How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot on Laptop

The Ultimate Guide on How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

Don't have an SSD or a huge RAM? Still, want to speed up Windows 10 boot? Don't worry; we got your back. Here...
TechSaaz - how to download youtube videos on a mac

How to Download YouTube Videos on a Mac

Got a slow internet connection or do you want to play YouTube videos offline? YouTube Premium can be the solution here, but that cost you money, and not everyone...
Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a password

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password [100% Work]

Do you know that 'Find My iPhone' is the best security function Apple has ever created. However, in some instances, it is inconvenient. This feature lets you monitor your...
TechSaaz - how to factory reset a laptop

How to Factory Reset Your Laptop for Windows 10, 8 or 7

If you want to factory reset your laptop, then you must have some reasons. Maybe your computer is slower, attacked by some malware or your Windows got corrupt. Most...
9 Hacks to get a Job with LinkedIn

9 Hacks to get a Job with LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn can help you to apply for a job in simple and easy steps. But if you are new to LinkedIn, you must know some tactics to score any...
How to Connect iPhone or iPad to TV

How to Connect iPhone or iPad to TV

No doubt iPhone has the best display in the smartphone market, but anyhow you may need to connect your iPhone or iPad with the TV for watching movies on...
how to cancel amazon prime free trial

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial: Step by Step Guide

Amazon Prime comes with a lot of perks including free and fast delivery option, here is a brief guide if you want to know, how much does Amazon Prime...
TechSaaz - how to boost tv antenna signal homemade

How to Boost TV Antenna Signal (Homemade)

Are you a fan of Television and use antenna to watch your favourite programs? Then you must have experienced the most common problem with the antenna TV that its...



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